1946 Detroit Gems move to Minneapolis and become Lakers
1951 Tri-Cities Blackhawks move to Milwaukee and become Hawks
1955 Milwaukee Hawks move to St. Louis
1957 Rochester Royals move to Cincinnati
1957 Fort Wayne Pistons move to Detroit
1960 Minneapolis Lakers move to LA
1962 Philadelphia Warriors move to San Fran
1963 Chicago Zephyers become Baltimore Bullets
1963 Syracuse Nationals become the Philadelphia 76ers
1968 St. Louis Hawks move to Atlanta
1971 San Diego Rockets move to Houston
1972 Cincinnati Royals move to Kansas City and become Kings
1977 New York Nets after NBA-ABA merger become New Jersey Nets
1978 Buffalo Braves become the San Diego Clippers
1979 New Orleans Jazz moved to Salt Lake City and become the Utah Jazz
1984 San Diego Clippers move to LA
1985 Kansas City Kings move to Sacramento
2001 Vancouver Grizzlies move to Memphis, Tennesee
2002 Charlotte Hornets move to New Orleans
2005 New Orleans Hornets move to Oklahoma after Hurricane Katrina move back 06-07
2008 Seattle SuperSonics become the Oklahoma City Thunder
2012 New Jersey Nets move to Brooklyn